‘Sunday Lunch’ is a bit of a metaphor for our approach to marketing.

We bring brands together with their audience in an authentic and mutually rewarding relationship.  Common values lie at the heart of what we do with our clients.

Now before you write this off as ‘warm and fuzzy’ and lacking the teeth you need to drive results for your brand, read on.

There is a movement for change in the world today.  Consumers view corporations with growing distrust.  There is an increasing expectation for corporates to do more to support good causes and to contribute to the social fabric of our communities.

Successful businesses around the world are ensuring their brands stand for something meaningful; they have a social purpose in addition to their business purpose.

They understand the potency of marketing their brands on an authentic platform of social contribution.  Not just passive “Corporate Social Responsibility” but a Social Activism that involves all of their stakeholders – consumers, employees and trade partners.

In an environment in which many brands are struggling to find a way to drive sales outside of discounting and short-term tactical offers, Sunday Lunch offers an alternative, more sustainable approach.  It also happens to be an approach that can help a brand identify an authentic platform for their social media strategy.

From Local Community Marketing, to Cause Related Marketing and Brand Activation, the Sunday Lunch team draws on our extensive background in Promotional Marketing and Brand and Retail Advertising to ensure that Community Marketing doesn’t just hit the feel-good spot, it also helps brands to deliver engagement with their target audience and ultimately sales.

If you’d like to learn more about the Sunday Lunch approach, call Carolyn on 02 8007 6471 or email me at carolyn@sundaylunch.com.au.  Alternatively visit our website at http://www.sundaylunch.com.au.


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